I'm a fullstack software engineer with recent experience in Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and React / Redux. I enjoy learning new things, and because I've programmed in a number of different languages, feel confident in my ability to quickly pick up new tools and technologies.

Programming has appealed to me since I first tried it. I enjoy solving difficult problems with basic logic, and love how easy it makes creating.

When I'm not programming, you can probably find me mountain biking / skiing with my dog, or playing games!


Discord but Worse

A clone of the browser version of Discord. Built with Rails and React / Redux.

The Factory

A cyberpunk-themed dungeon crawler browser game. Built with vanilla Javascript.


A basic web application that helps users take care of their plants! Built in a team of 4 with the MERN stack.


- Fullstack Software Engineering, 2021 - BS Computer Science, 2021